A downloadable manifesto

games are dreams

perception is a playground

games take place in the brain of the player

we all know the feeling of waking up from a dream
we all have real memories of make-believe places
we all have real feelings about things that never happened

sometimes, all that remains with us are sights and sounds
and yet somehow, we find meaning in this

give your players space to feel their feelings
give your players the option to explore perception

give your players real memories of an imagined reality


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Beautifully worded! Let's create imagined places where real memories can be made! <3

Thank you! Indeed, let's! 

this is beautiful. this is how i want my games to be.

thank you 💕


This is really great. We have to get away from reality and into the possible realities that computers allow us to build.

Makes me think of a speech Ursula Le Guin gave: "We will need the realists of a larger reality."

Thank you so much, Simon! It means a lot to me. And yes, exactly - when we can do anything, why recreate reality? Love that quote.