A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

there are 9 rooms. and a way out.

sounds by freesound.org, credit to users: LimitSnap_Creations & InspectorJ

WASD to move 
ESC to quit 
R to restart 

all textures made from an image of a frozen windshield on a cold morning in reykjavík


the 9 (Windows) 28 MB
the 9 (Mac) 26 MB

Install instructions

hello yes I realize it doesn't work in Mac, I am working on it


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Maybe whitout  sound step (or lower)

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thanks for playing! yeah, I went a little back and forth on the footstep sounds, but opted to keep them in. I was thinking that if you were walking through this space in real life, you'd hear yourself, especially since the surroundings are mostly quiet. 

I respect your choice